Asana adds Android client, and an exemplary Asana Guide

The team task management tool Asana announced the release of a mobile client for Android. I have used my iPhone client only occasionally (because I generally have my MacBook Air with me), but when I do it is always fairly critical. I wonder what proportion of Asana users are actively using the mobile client? Evidence from other social tools vendors suggests that it can be very high, like Podio’s mention that over a third of their users use the mobile app more than the PC version.

But Asana has done something more noteworthy — and the real reason for this post, honestly — by creating a detailed and well-organized Asana Guide to help users get up to speed and exploit the tool’s capabilities.

Here’s a snapshot:

asana guide

I am amazed how few detailed guides or user manuals like this are created, or maintained. You’d think that companies investing some much time, effort, and money into developing social tools would allocate a reasonably effort into guides to help people use them. It is sadly uncommon. And, by the way, providing a user forum for customer recommendations and discussion is not a replacement for a user guide, like a lot of start-ups like to pretend.

Asana’s example is a baseline for other companies to be judged by.