Survey says: People start caring about internet on their TVs, but price trumps everything

Looks like consumer electronics makers may owe Netflix (S NFLX) a few favors: Consumers are finally beginning to care about Smart TVs, with 30.7 percent of people in the market for a new TV with internet connectivity, according to the latest IHS Smart TV Consumer Survey. Twelve months ago, that number was still at 18.1 percent.

ihs smart tv survey 1

There is also a significant growth in the interest for 3-D, but it’s still a less important feature than connectivity. A year ago, only 6.6 percent of potential TV buyers were looking to buy a 3-D TV. Now, it’s 18.8 percent.

ihs smart tv survey 2

However, it’s worth pointing out that size is still one of the biggest drivers, and that price matters more than it did just 12 months ago. 53 percent of consumers who want to buy a new TV now say that the price tag is a main purchase driver. That’s up from 27.9 percent 12 months ago, and it also tells you a bit about why internet on TVs and 3-D are getting more popular: Even lower-priced TV sets are now connected, and 3-D isn’t that much of a premium anymore either.

And with falling prices, consumers feel like they should just get Netflix apps and possible 3-D glasses as part of the package, instead of paying through the nose for it. Whether people are actually going to activate those TVs is of course a completely different question.