Boston brings out AaaS — ARM as a Service — to accelerate microserver migration

Server vendor Boston is releasing a platform of servers that use cell phone chips that developers can use to test their software for future ARM-based enterprise applications. Boston built the platform using Calxeda’s ARM-based servers, and has dubbed it ARM as a Service, or AaaS. the idea behind the product is to help developers move software from servers with brawny x86 cores to microservers with plenty of low-power wimpy cores.

With its AaaS, United Kingdom-based Boston will use software from Ellexus to essentially provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to customers. Once enrolled, developers will be able to spin up or down multiple nodes on Boston’s Viridis microservers, which use the low-power Calxeda systems.

The impact of the Boston AaaS could trickle down the supply chain to Calxeda and AMD (s amd) as well as other companies making or planning microservers and, naturally, ARM itself.

As I reported last month, the microserver market is expected to keep growing, and the new ARM cloud could bump up the growth rate. One might say it could help kick some AaaS.