Designing for the internet of things means designing for life, not screens (video)

With computer programs and mobile applications, people seek out physical devices on which to use them. When designing a service for the internet of things, however, the trick is to build something that’s almost invisible — but not so invisible that people won’t interact with it. At our GigaOM internet of things meetup held last week in San Francisco, Jawbone’s Roberto Tagliabue explained why that’s a design challenge that’s tough to deal with.

In his talk, the designer, who helped build the Nike+, discussed the challenges of making those devices social as a means to get more people to buy them and then use them. When someone tweets about their run it might make you want to check your own fitness scores, for example. Watch the video below and start thinking about how you might rethink design in a world of connected devices — from storytelling to observations about where you sneak a connected product or service in.


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