Make No Mistake, IBM is Joining OpenStack for Selfish Reasons

Barb Darrow reports that “IBM joined the OpenStack Foundation as a big-time Platinum sponsor last April. Since that time many have wondered when it would talk up its own plans to put its public and private cloud projects on the OpenStack open-source cloud platform. Well, that time has come at this week’s IBM Pulse conference on Monday.”

What’s interesting about this is that IBM, like HP, Rackspace, and others, is really not coming together to provide you with more open and interoperable cloud-based platforms.  However, they are all attempting to deny the continued dominance of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I suspect if AWS did not move so quickly, there would not be as much interest in either OpenStack or CloudStack.  Instead, it would be the typical feature/function fights that we’re use to in the world of enterprise IT.

Don’t get down on IBM.  They are just moving to protect their interests in the emerging cloud computing market by teaming up with organizations that would typically be their archenemies, such as HP, CA, and others.  However, the talk about “openness” and “portability” as the reasons for moving to OpenStack is just a bit of spin at this point.  Make no mistake, the first question asked as technology companies move to standards is: “What’s in it for us?”