High-tech industries of all shapes and sizes are flourishing in the U.K.

High-tech industries of all shapes and sizes are flourishing in the U.K. It is the most important market in Europe for mobile content, with a higher percentage of smartphones than any other nation. The U.K. is also the largest market for ecommerce and m-commerce in Europe.

Small wonder then that the U.K. is the No. 1 spot for international technology companies coming into the European Union (EU). It is home to all the major firms driving the technology industry worldwide, as well as an ever-increasing number of startups, supported by the U.K.’s generous tax breaks for R&D and innovation.

Whether multinational or SME, these firms have a world-class talent pool on which to draw. The U.K. has three of the top five technology universities in the EU, and it attracts top industry talent from across the globe thanks to its status as the best place in Europe to start a business.

The U.K. also has lots to offer from a cultural point of view, with a vibrant and stimulating multicultural environment and an ethnically diverse, forward-thinking population that is keen to embrace the latest technologies. Nowhere better epitomizes this than London, one of the world’s most important creative and technology hubs and home to Tech City, the fastest-growing cluster of technology startups in the EU. It really is an amazing and inspirational place to be.

–Tony Hughes, U.K. Trade & Investment’s business sector specialist

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