OpenStack: Building portability, security, and trust in the cloud

OpenStack, the fast-growing IaaS platform, is taking root across the industry, promising an open cloud computing platform that enables portability, security and trust in the cloud. OpenStack distributions continue to come to market, and customers are testing the platform as an adjunct to public clouds or their own private infrastructure. How many customers are using OpenStack in production today, and is the platform living up to its promise of openness and security, beyond what’s available from other cloud providers?
Key topics of discussion:

  • Who is using OpenStack today?
  • What underlying infrastructure and technologies provide the foundation for OpenStack clouds today and into the future?
  • Are open APIs enough or is there a further level of interoperability that must occur in order for true portability of workloads across clouds?
  • How does OpenStack enable trusted compute pools at the hardware level?
  • What are the challenges with ensuring authenticity at the infrastructure layer?

Our panel of experts includes:

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