Twitter music app ready to launch on iOS soon?

Twitter is set to launch a standalone music app on iOS before the end of this month, according to CNET. The app, which is going to be called “Twitter Music,” has been built by the team behind the music discovery site We Are Hunted, which Twitter reportedly acquired late last year.
We Are Hunted started out as a discovery service for music popular on P2P networks and music blogs, and has since branched out to provide music listening through its own apps on Android (s GOOG) and Spotify. The team also previously built a number of iOS music apps, including one called Pocket Hipster.
The new Twitter app will curate music based on the people you follow on Twitter, and then stream tracks from Soundcloud, according to CNET writer Casey Newton, who went on to explain:

“Twitter Music uses four main tabs. ‘Suggested’ recommends songs and artists based on a user’s follower graph — artists they are following, and artists that other people they follow are following. #NowPlaying brings in links to songs tweeted by people you follow who tweet using that hashtag.”

Twitter has been putting a growing emphasis on media in recent months. The company gave photos, audio and video a bigger space in its feed with the launch of Twitter cards last summer, and more recently launched its first video sharing app Vine. However, the apps reported reliance on Soundcloud as a music hosting provider shows that Twitter may still shy away from striking its own deals with major media companies.