Wunderlist tiptoes further onto Evernote’s turf by adding web clippings browser extension

Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder has added a major feature to its Wunderlist task-management service — a browser extension called Add to Wunderlist that lets you save and share web clippings and even emails from the web app versions of Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail.
The extension is available today for Chrome, Firefox and Safari users. It allows the saving of any URL to the service, but also more specific content from sites such as Amazon(s amzn), eBay(s ebay), YouTube(s goog), Hacker News, IMdB and Twitter – on Amazon, for example, an “Add to Wunderlist” button will show up next to the “Add to wishlist” button if you have the extension installed.
Wunderlist Amazon6Wunderkinder was able to add its button to these sites through the use of their APIs, and it has also released the code to help other sites also allow the button’s addition. The content that the service saves differs from site to site (it may include URLs, prices or ratings, for example), but the user can always just highlight any text and hit the button up in the toolbar to save it.
Why is this important? For a start, it makes Wunderlist a much stickier service. It also makes it much clearer how the consumer and pro versions of Wunderlist are beginning to diverge: Wunderlist Pro, the details of which were accidentally leaked earlier this week, is shaping up to be a replacement for the axed Wunderkit team productivity service, while the normal Wunderlist is, well, it’s starting to look a bit more like Evernote, right?
“We definitely have the same kind of strategy,” 6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber admitted today. “When we build the product, we definitely say all the time that we want to own every single task … we want to integrate it in every part of your lives, on every device you have.
“We share the same space as Evernote somehow, but Evernote is the main tool for notes and we are the main tool for tasks. We will probably conflict in the future in some places, but the two products can definitely coexist. Personally I use Evernote and Wunderlist. We will see in the future how it will work out — we don’t focus on following what our competitors do.”