Electric Imp aims to make the Internet of Things devilishly simple

We constantly hear that to make the internet of things popular, we’re going to need to make connecting devices to the web and to each other easier. Electric Imp is hoping to handle both problems, according to CEO Hugo Fiennes. He discusses how his experience at Apple helped him build an easy-to-implement card that let’s people and manufacturers add connectivity to everything.
In the podcast he and I talk about how various startups are tackling the connectivity problem and where each fits in, why Wi-Fi is the best technology for the internet of things, despite its expense, and ponders the idea of our future devices having a slot where consumers can add an Electric Imp card if they see value in connecting it to the web.
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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham

  • How to make Wi-Fi the de facto standard for the internet of things
  • How other IoT players differ and where they fit into the ecosystem
  • How to connect herds of cows and mangrove swamps
  • Will everything have an “IoT slot,” and will consumers get to choose what they will add connectivity to after they buy it?

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