Not just for iPhone anymore: YouTube Capture comes to iPad, iPad mini

Next time you see someone awkwardly filming with their iPad, you can blame Google(s GOOG) for encouraging them. On Thursday the company announced that the YouTube Capture app for recording and quickly uploading videos to YouTube is now available for the iPad and iPad mini. It was initially released in December to work with the iPhone and iPod touch only.
Capture for iPad and iPad mini comes with quick editing tools, has image stabilization and color correction, and the ability to add music to a clip, all within the app. Sharing options include Facebook, (s FB) Twitter and Google+.
There is no such dedicated app for Android phones or tablets, but that’s likely because direct-to-YouTube uploading is already supported in Android.
The folks at YouTube are aware that filming with a device that is so large it requires two hands can be physically and socially awkward — it reminded users of the iPad app to “film wisely so your iPad isn’t blocking everyone’s view.” But mobile is a huge chunk of its business these days — 1 in 4 YouTube video views come from a mobile device, the company says. So supporting as many popular devices as possible is an important priority.