Ricky Gervais brings his British Office character back to life on YouTube

Fans of The Office have been preparing for withdrawal: The British version ended ten years ago, after two seasons, and the American version is now in its final season. On Friday, though, Ricky Gervais launched his new YouTube (s GOOG) channel, which will feature new clips by “David Brent,” his British Office character, as well as non-Office-related content. 

“Working with YouTube is a fantastic opportunity for new content to be made available without the limitations of schedules and international restrictions,” Gervais said in a statement (via Deadline Hollywood). “Viewing habits are changing. And anyone who doesn’t realize that will be left behind.”
Gervais’s new channel is part of a multi-million-dollar push by YouTube to offer more original content on its platform. Gervais is the probably the biggest star so far to launch his own channel; British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver signed up in January.