Transforming health care with big data: Premier Healthcare Alliance

Doing a deep dive into customer data — analyzing and mining the vast stores of information now available to many enterprises — can yield profitable results that provide an enterprise with a strategic advantage over its competitors. It can also improve response time and overall efficiency. This is particularly true in health care, where analyzing patient discharges, real-time clinical transactions and purchasing data can provide insights that improve patient care and reduce costs. The challenge is aggregating the data from multiple sources, analyzing it and then getting the results into the right hands — quickly.
The Premier Healthcare Alliance’s goal is to improve the health of all communities through their people, data and their ability to connect health care organizations across the United States. The stats are impressive:

  • Premier currently connects 2,700 hospitals and 90,000 health providers through its database.
  • Premier manages the data for 1 in every 4 discharges nationwide with 2.5 million real-time clinical transactions daily.
  • Premier also manages nearly $43 billion in annual purchasing data.

Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • How does the term “platform” apply to big data?
  • What criteria can an enterprise in other verticals use to determine whether its data is suitable for use as a platform?
  • How can combining data into a platform provide efficiencies and reduce costs?
  • What are some ideas to reduce the cost of moving data and get faster results?

Speakers include:

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