ARM-as-a-service (AaaS) has arrived

One of the issues with the push toward ARM based servers is that most developers simply don’t have access to them right now. There are prototypes and they’re being tested and deployed by a select group of IT leaders but it’s not so easy to call up your local dealer and order a server running ARM.
But if the cloud has taught us anything it’s that you can do anything virtually. I was interested to see recently that server vendor Boston is releasing a platform of servers that use Calxeda’s ARM-based server, dubbing the offering Arm-as-a-service (AaaS).
The idea is to help developers move from x86 architecture to ARM based servers. The service will allow developers to spin up nodes on Boston’s Viridis microservers, which use Calxeda’s low power servers. Giving developers a virtual option for developing and testing on ARM based servers is an interesting incremental step toward giving them the option of trying out these newfangled ARM servers and seeing if they might be the right fit for their data center.