Fusion-io picks up software-defined storage firm ID7 for SCST chops

The flash storage firm Fusion-io (s fio) has picked up ID7, a British software-defined storage outfit, for an undisclosed amount. This is a big deal because ID7 is the driving force behind the SCST Linux storage subsystem, widely used in storage products from vendors including HP (s hpq), EMC (s emc) and IBM. (s IBM)
According to Fusion-io, the deal will leave safe the open-source distribution of SCST. On the other hand, ID7 makes its money off helping those other hardware vendors implement SCST in their commercial products, so in that sense Fusion-io just bought its way closer to the center of the software-defined storage universe.
Here’s what Fusion-io product chief Gary Orenstein had to say in a statement on Monday:

“As with other kernel contributors across the Linux stack working at Fusion-io, we will continue to support the open philosophies that have made ID7 and SCST successful. In addition to maintaining an open source version of SCST, Fusion-io will continue to contribute to the open source distribution as we develop software solutions to help define the all-flash data center.”

Software-defined storage, where storage is abstracted in much the same way as has been done with servers, is a lucrative scene right now. Just in recent months, we’ve reported on major investments for players such as SwiftStack, ScaleIO, Convergent.io, Nutanix and Jeda Networks.
The supposed benefit of the software-defined storage approach is the ability to weave shared storage pools out of standard server-attached hardware, so usage can be quickly scaled up and down as needed. ID7 has already been working with Fusion-io on its ION Data Accelerator software, which does this in an interface-agnostic fashion, and will indeed be folded into this side of Fusion-io’s business.
Again from the statement, here’s ID7 co-founder Mark Klarzynski:

“We had an opportunity to work with Fusion-io on the development of the ION Data Accelerator when it became apparent that the team has been founded on a culture of architecting software innovation deep within the Linux operating system kernel to deliver significant breakthroughs in modern storage architectures. We’re excited to join the Fusion-io team of world class engineers and developers to work together on open, software defined solutions to today’s most challenging data demands.”