LED lighting and open APIs

For those who missed my colleague Ucilia Wang’s recent report and forecast on the LED lighting market, it’s well worth a look. While I think LED lights are cool, the bigger reason they should be considered is that they stand to play a role in the Internet of Things, or the coming revolution where everything in our lives is connected.
While it’s early days, Philips has already issued a software development kit (SDK) for it Hue LED lights. Hue’s lights are networkable via a ZigBee light link hub that networks with your iPhone. Potential apps will schedule your lighting in your home or even have them do funny stuff like sync with your music.
But jokester apps aside, the energy efficient bulbs could ride a wave of devices that learn our behavior and become customizable. We’re already seeing LED as a service business models where commercial buildings just pay contract prices and don’t have to pay the hefty capital expense of LED lighting. And as prices of the bulbs themselves creep down, they’ll get more attractive for consumers. Similar to solar, you’d rather be on the installation and sales side, not the manufacturing side, which is looking like a race to commoditization.