Structure:Data 2013 live coverage

If you’re a regular reader of GigaOM you know that we’re big believers in the power of data — both big and, well, bigger — to change the way we think about our world. Until relatively recently, it hasn’t been possible to gather enough data at scale to truly understand the patterns around us. But as our smartphones turn us into walking sensors and we live ever-increasing amounts of our lives online, we’re generating massive amounts of data that can improve the health of a business (or a person), help us make rational decisions about resource prioritization and finally convince NFL coaches that they should go for it more often on fourth down.
GigaOM Structure:Data: Watch LiveThe key is developing the tools and techniques to properly collect, harvest, and analyze that data. On Wednesday and Thursday this week, we’ve gathered some of the top minds in this emerging field in New York at Structure:Data to help you understand how data and data analysis can improve your business and your life. They include Paul Maritz, chief strategist at EMC (s emc) and a leader of The Pivotal Initiative; data experts from companies like Facebook, (s fb) Microsoft (s msft), IBM (s ibm) and a host of startups; and even the CTO for the Central Intelligence Agency, Ira “Gus” Hunt.
More information about the conference can be found here. If you can’t join us in New York, follow along with the livestream here, or join the conversation on Twitter with #dataconf. We’ll also post a roundup of all our coverage from what should be a very interesting two days of data.