Dachis Group raises $7.5M series C round

Dachis Group, now firmly positioned as a social analytics tools company, announced a Series C investment round of $7.5 million led by Austin Ventures. This brings the investment to date up to $58.5 million, following a $30 million Series B in early 2011.
Dachis was founded by Jeff Dachis and a cadre of very smart social business thinkers, but in recent years many left the company as the direction shifted from social business management consulting toward software products (see “Is Dachis Group about to be acquired by Oracle?“).
By all measures, Dachis seems to be making strong headway in a busy marketplace, with over 100 licenses of its social analytics tools now in place in large firms, like Nokia, Bank of America, and Bloomberg. Obviously, Dachis needs additional capital to expand its efforts in the marketplace, and Dachis is quoted¬†as saying¬†this isn’t a “down round” and avoids too much additional dilution. However, that doesn’t sound like an “up round,” either, and the valuation isn’t mentioned.