Podcast: How IBM uses chaos theory, data and the internet of things to fix traffic

While the internet of things is invading people’s homes, the manufacturing and industrial world has seen the promise of connected sensors and big data for years. IBM has been actively pulling together the pieces for that “industrial internet” with acquisitions of data analytics companies and investments in sensors to create its Smarter Cities program.
In this podcast we speak with Bernie Meyerson, a VP of innovation and IBM Fellow, about how the company is helping clients pull together data from across cities to help prevent traffic, flooding deaths and to even understand where investments in infrastructure should be made. With Miami Dade County having recently signed up as a client, it’s likely that some of us will encounter a Smarter City and IBM’s version of the internet of things in the near future.
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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham

  • How the internet of things can improve traffic and change the future
  • The difference between privacy and anonymity in a connected society
  • How connected cities and medical data can intersect to make people’s lives healthier
  • The underpinning of the internet of things is data, but we’re leaving troves of it on the table because computers can’t process visual data.

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