Another day, another smart watch entrant

Did anyone predict 2013 would be the year of the smart watch?
OK, maybe it’s too soon for that just yet, but what is interesting is how everyone seems to be jumping on board.
Who’s in now? Why,¬†LG, of course.
What is interesting is how fast this market is gaining buzz before a watch is even released. And while none of the big guys have come out with a smartwatch to validate whether or not one will sell in any volume, the success of the Pebble Watch on Kickstarter combined with the fast-growth of bio-wearables like Fitbit is enough to show there is clear interest in this market from consumers.
My feeling is the market will be fairly small this year — and by small I mean less than 15 million units — ¬†unless of course Apple or Samsung surprise us with a fast launch. However, I expect 2014 to see fairly strong growth, especially since I think smart watches can eat into markets like the phone, media player as well as wearables market (i.e., Fitbit).
Who will be first? I expect Apple to announce something within the first half of the year and possibly Samsung (since it has started to talk about it).
But the bigger question is, Will anyone do it right?
For that we’ll have to stay tuned.