Hootsuite Assignments as Chrome extension

I installed the Hootsuite Assignments extension for Chrome (requires upgrading to Pro account), just to get a sense of what that capability might add for teams sharing through Hootsuite.
Here’s the way that the assignments capability appears when looking at my Twitter stream:
The plug-in allows me to assign a response to a tweet to a specific ¬†team (‘customer support’ or ‘marketing’ for example), or a specific team member.
This look pretty much the same in Facebook, it appears, but not any other of the social networks that Hootsuite supports:
hootsuite facebook
I’m not an active Hootsuite user, but if I were I would certainly add this chrome plug-in permanently.
Personally, I do task myself to follow up on tweets in Asana, which uses a slightly less user-friendly, entire page URL grab, so I am forced to click into the tweet to get it to open on its own page.
asana tweet
I wish Asana would make their plugin smarter about Twitter, and save me that headache, like Hootsuite has done.