Andrew Sullivan rolls out $1.99/month payment option for The Dish

Saying that many readers have asked for it, Andrew Sullivan once again modified the paywall for his popular site The Dish on Monday, adding a monthly payment option. Previously, readers were asked to pay $19.99 (or more) per year); now, they will also have the option of paying $1.99 (or more) per month.
The monthly option is set up to renew automatically, meaning Sullivan is poised to receive thousands of small but steady revenue streams — it seems a good bet the renewal rate will be high since few people will blanche at $2 charge on their credit card.
“The point of course is to make this available to as many people at as many┬áprice points as you want and need, above a minimum baseline,” Sullivan wrote in a blog post. (He’ll be speaking more about The Dish’s payment model on April 17 at paidContent Live in New York.)
Last week, The Dish made its paywall stricter, lowering it to five free “read-on” stories every 60 days.
Sullivan also wrote that The Dish has now raised $653,000 of the $900,000 it needs for its first year, up from $644,000 last week.