Google to ship LTE Chromebook Pixel by April 8; here’s the LTE service pricing

Few may have ordered one, but the LTE version of Google’s(s goog) Chromebook Pixel is set to ship by April 8. That’s the date currently showing on the Pixel product page in the Google Play store, as noted by Jeff Jarvis. The Wi-Fi models of Google’s newest Chromebook began shipping out several weeks ago, so only the LTE models have been held up from delivery.
Pixel LTE shipmentTo add mobile broadband connection in the Chromebook Pixel, potential buyers not only had to wait a few extra weeks, but they had to also pay an additional $150: The LTE version costs $1,449 as compared to $1,299 for the Wi-Fi only Pixel. Aside from the broadband radio, there is no difference in the two devices aside from 64 GB of local storage capacity in the LTE Pixel, which is double that of the Wi-Fi edition. Both machines get access to 1 terabyte of Google Drive storage for 3 year after purchase.
The $150 premium for the LTE model also includes a small bit of LTE service: 100 MB each month for two years. After that, it will cost an additional amount for mobile broadband service on Verizon’s(s vz)(s vod) LTE network. I spoke with a Google representative a few weeks back to verify this no-contract plan pricing for the Chromebook Pixel:

  • $9.99 = an unlimited day pass
  • $20 = 1 GB good for one month
  • $35 = 3 GB good for one month
  • $50 = 5 GB good for one month

Given that the LTE model can still use any Wi-Fi hotspot, including one created by a smartphone, having these pay-as-you-go plans are a reasonable way to ensure connectivity in a pinch on the Pixel. Even better: I was told that the Pixel can also be added to an existing Verizon Share Everything plan for $10 per month. That way, you can just use the data you’re already paying for.