RightScale says its free price-tracking service can wring the most out of cloud deployments

The only thing that might be tougher than monitoring all the cloud service and price changes coming out of Amazon(s amzn) Web Services and other providers is keeping track of all the services that track all those cloud services and price changes.
RightScale maintains that its long history of monitoring AWS and other cloud activities for customers gives it an advantage here. It tracks price changes across the major clouds —  Google(s goog) Compute Engine, Microsoft(s msft) Azure, and Rackspace(s rax) and offers a free service to folks wanting to tap into that knowledge.
rightscaleprice1“We track 11,000 or so cloud prices across six clouds. People can use that data to help forecast their cloud costs into the future and tweak the deployments they already have,” said Kim Weins, VP of marketing for RightScale.
RightScale says there have been 29 price changes across AWS, GCE, Azure and Rackspace Cloud over the past 14 months, and, frankly, that number seems low to me. In November alone, there were something like six cloud storage price cuts between AWS, Google and Microsoft.
And that’s what RightScale will continue to do, pressing into a service technology it acquired last year with its acquisition of ShopForCloud, which it renamed PlanForCloud.
rightscale2In one respect, RightScale is in a good spot because it can claim expertise across the major clouds. Last year it said two-thirds of its customers ran multiple clouds and newer data is tracking the same way, Weins said.  As more business-capable cloud services come out of the OpenStack crowd — Rackspace, HP(s hpq), IBM(s ibm), Cloudscaling and others, being able to tap into multiple cloud data and aggregate it on one dashboard could be a draw.
On the other hand, AWS remains by far the largest cloud provider and as we have seen over the past year, Amazon is rolling out more Rightscale-like services of its own, notably OpsWorks.
In other words, hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.