Exclusive: Cumulogic snags seed money from Crunchfund

Cumulogic, the erstwhile Java Platform-as-a-Service company that is morphing into a broader cloud platform services provider, has new seed funding from Crunchfund that it will use to build out its sales channels. CEO Michael Soby would not disclose the amount of the round but said it brings total funding to about $1 million.
The Santa Clara, Calif. company has also signed deals with a handful of integration partners that give it broad geographic coverage. They are: Redapt, based in Redmond, Wash.; Cloud Technology Partners out of Boston: CloudOps of Montreal; Shapeblue in London; Cloud Niners in Egypt with another integrator in Asia to be announced soon, Soby said.
Cumulogic’s rather ambitious pitch is that it will enable companies to mix and match cloud services from many providers and run them on the cloud infrastructure of the customers’ choice whether it’s VMware’s vCloud Director, Cloudstack (Citrix(s ctrx) was an early investor), OpenStack or Amazon(s amzn) Web Services. Cumulogic also claims that service providers or enterprises themselves can manage all of those choices from the proverbial “single pane of glass.” That’s a big promise.
“If a developer wants to deploy MongoDB against Amazon and a load balancer against Rackspace, he can do that through our platform,” Soby said in an interview.
And, for the many companies still nervous about deploying critical applications in the public cloud, it will also let them re-create AWS-style pay-as-you-go services inside their firewalls, Soby said. A pre-release version of Cumulogic Cloud running on HPCloud is available here.