Get a life and get work done on your terms

At some point or another most people struggle to achieve work/life balance. It’s not a mystery that finding time for your never-ending workload is a challenge. Enter LogMeIn Free — remote access software that lets you connect to and control another PC as though you were sitting right in front of it. It’s an ideal solution for busy professionals whose packed lives require an on-the-go work solution. Plus, the LogMeIn App gives you remote computer access on the go, from your favorite mobile device.
Use LogMeIn to maintain the work/life balance you have, or get the balance you want:
Take a break, and pick up at home
Find the balance, and become more productive by taking a break and connecting remotely from home. Be home in time for dinner and get that presentation done.
Leave it at the office
Your laptop, that is. If you’re trying to travel light, consider leaving your laptop behind. Your iPad or smartphone with the LogMeIn App can handle the rest.
Multitask, from home
Incorporate the personal and professional by working from home. Eliminate wasted time, and rely on LogMeIn to give you access to the tools you need, sans all the interruptions.
Technology applied thoughtfully can make your life easier and allow you more flexibility to excel. Install LogMeIn Free on any laptops or desktops you might want to access. Get LogMeIn, and get the work/life you want.