IoT Podcast: Why the Hue internet light bulb is a bright idea

If you visit the Apple store you might see a sleek, black package of three lightbulbs by Philips that advertise themselves as being colorful and connected. You might then look at the $200 price tag and walk away. But as George Yianni, the creator of the Hue and a systems architect at Philips says in this week’s podcast, that price tag isn’t too crazy when you look at what you get.
When Philips asked Yianni to create a connected light bulb in 2011, his response was to wonder why people might need or want such product. In the interview he explains what he discovered, how people are using it (both the mundane and the wacky) and talks about how Philips is thinking about adding connectivity to other products. I got the sense that a connected Sonicare toothbrush might not be in the cards. Check out the podcast for all that and some insights from Kevin Toms, the Hue’s SDK designer and developer advocate on the Hue’s newly created developer program.
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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham

  • Why Philips created the Hue and why it’s so expensive
  • Philips’ view on why the internet of things should be open
  • How can you tell when you should you add connectivity to a product?
  • Why Philips built a formal developer program

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