Analytics driven application performance monitoring

A new kind of application monitoring for next-generation IT architectures
Over $7 billion is spent annually on IT operations, most of it going to legacy vendors with products designed for a different era. Next-generation applications are the driver of modern business, and those applications demand a new approach to ensure performance and security, an approach based on data and analytics. Boundary’s SaaS solution for Application Operations has rocketed with hundreds of users benefiting from the service. Boundary is allowing customers to deal with the new challenges brought about through the dynamic nature of modern, distributed applications and in the process reinventing the way customers think about IT operations.
One-second app visualization, cloud-compatible and only a few minutes from setup to results
By monitoring every packet that flows from server to server instance and analyzing them in seconds, Boundary alerts users to developing problems in seconds not minutes. No matter what computing environment you operate — including public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures — Boundary gives you real-time visibility not obtainable from traditional monitoring tools. Boundary lets you innovate more, move faster and embrace new technologies without fear.