AWS adds File-Syncing to Compete with Dropbox and Google’s Drive

AWS added file-syncing to its feature list of online storage product, Cloud Drive.  This puts its service on the same level with competitors such as Dropbox and Google’s Drive.

The syncing feature will allow the viewing of an up-to-date file across several devices. Like Dropbox, Cloud Drive is a desktop application for Windows and Mac, as well as AWS.  Also, there is a Web-based upload panel if users don’t want to download the desktop application.

Most retail-oriented services allow users to spread the same version of a file across several computers.  However, I’m not really sure that this is an area of the market where AWS should focus.

Most consider the AWS cloud storage offering as designed for enterprises, leaving the lower “retail” end of the market for the likes of SugarSync, Dropbox, or  Perhaps they see the lower end retail players moving into the enterprise, which has been their indent for some time, offering services that could displace AWS as the cloud storage leader in some applications of this technology.

I would suggest that they focus on the higher end of the cloud storage market for now.  There is plenty to eat there for the next several years.