Call in podcast: Chromebook screenshot tips and the Facebook phone

Ready for another edition of the weekly call-in show where we answer your tech questions? We kick things off with expectations of Facebooks’s(s fb) new phone and software and then get right into your questions. Several Chromebook topics come up as well as a tough choice between two new flagship phones.
To be a part of the show, just call in and leave a voicemail at 262-KCTOFEL. If you do, we’ll play back the question on the show and answer it. Or you can tweet me at @kevinctofel on Twitter. Each week, I’ll answer as many questions as I can while keeping the podcast to a manageable amount of time: 20 to 30 minutes at most.
Show notes:
Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Kevin C. Tofel

  • How much do all of the software customizations from Amazon(s amzn), Samsung and others hurt Android(s goog) share as a whole?
  • Is there a way to capture just part of the screen on a Chromebook?
  • Which would you buy: a Pixel or Google Glass?
  • Can you use Office 365(s msft) on a Chromebook?
  • Tough question: HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S 4?

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