Why mobile advertising is finally ramping up

AdAge reports today that eMarketer has ratcheted up its forecast for the U.S. mobile advertising market this year, predicting industry revenues will reach $7.29 billion in 2013 rather than the $7.19 billion it forecast just a few months ago. Apple’s iAd will drive an increasing amount of that money as its net ad revenues jump by 76.6 percent from 2013 to 2014, eMarketer predicted, while Millennial Media’s net mobile ad revenues will increase at only a 47.7 percent clip.

There are several big reasons the long-overhyped industry is finally getting legs — and why it will continue to gain steam. AdAge notes that while Facebook and Twitter made no money from mobile in 2011, they’re each expected to generate hundreds of millions this year. Also, the forecast from eMarketer includes ad spend on tablets, which generate dramatically more clicks than smartphones, as Nielsen reported last year. And companies like New Relic and Compuware¬†are introducing tools to help app developers better track the performance of their wares. That monitoring is crucial because 80 percent of time on Android and iOS devices is spent using apps, while only 20 percent is spent within the browser, as Flurry reported today. For now, at least, apps are where the eyeballs are in mobile.