Bike, hike, run: 3 apps to take with you outdoors [video]

Now that it’s (technically) spring, you’re probably ready to get outside and soak up some vitamin D — I know I am. The iOS App Store(s AAPL) is filled with sports and activity apps, but these are three I’ve been using and I recommend: Spotcycle, AllTrails and WalkTracker Pro.

If you’re into bike-sharing, Spotcycle is an app that will help you find bikes closest to you to rent and show you the closest place to return your rental. The app won’t work everywhere, but it will work in a lot of places: eight countries and two dozen U.S. cities so far. The bikes tracked on Spotcycle are usually part of local public bike-sharing programs; they require memberships, but anyone can sign up.

AllTrails is basically Yelp(s YELP) for trails: it’s a location-based trail guide that will help you find a trail closest to you that fits your preferences. You can search by type of activity — running, hiking, riding, snowshoeing, rowing, and more — as well as by kid-friendliness and wheelchair accessibility. It also packs a ton of user reviews and tips for those who’ve experienced the trails before.

And once you’ve found your bike or trail, WalkTracker Pro is a great app you can use to track the distance you cover and the calories you burn.

The video below will walk you through each app: