Poll: Facebook Home is an Android launcher; will you install it?

Facebook introduced its Facebook Home launcher on Thursday and its generally what was leaked and predicted. It essentially takes over your lock screen and your Home screen on an Android(s goog) device, but it’s just a launcher like any other.

Some partners have agreed to pre-install it: Samsung, Sony(s sne), Huawei and HTC were noted. That means Facebook(s fb) has to convince you that the experience is worth it for you to hit Google Play and install it once it becomes available on April 12. The simple question is: After seeing what that experience is like, will you install it?

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Vote in our poll and be sure to comment if you have more to say. The Facebook Home launcher does support shortcuts for any Android app, so you can essentially use it as your only home screen. And if you’re big into Facebook, you might want to.

Of course, this is really a play for Facebook to keep you engaged with its services over those from competitors: A smart strategy from Facebook but only if people buy into it and install Facebook Home.