Tumblr updates its look on Android with a Path-esque launcher button

Tumblr launched a fresh new look for its Android app on Monday, updating the navigation with a launcher button that pops out all of a user’s different options on mobile — making the app look a lot more like Path.

Path has been noted for its design on mobile, and both Facebook’s Home on Android and Tumblr’s new Android design share navigation features with the social network. The new Tumblr navigation lets a user tap on the compose button to bring up a variety of options for blogging:

tumblr updateThe company has over 200 million visitors per month and 18 billion pageviews, and CEO David Karp will be speaking with my colleague Mathew Ingram at PaidContent Live next week in New York about where the company is headed. Karp spoke at our Roadmap conference in November, where he talked about the challenges of good design on the company’s platforms, saying that it comes down to having a team that would personally want to use its own products.

“Good products are built by people who want to use it themselves,” Karp said at the time, pointing to Apple’s Steve Jobs and Instagram’s Kevin Systrom as examples. Karp also said that for many users, the app’s design serves as a form of self-expression, so it’s crucial for the company to get it right.