Flurry opens Marketplace, a real-time bidding ad exchange for mobile apps

Flurry is known for measuring the size of the mobile app market and the effectiveness of mobile advertising, and now it is expanding its ad business. On Tuesday the company plans to unveil Flurry Marketplace, a real-time bidding exchange for ads in mobile apps.

The company hopes Marketplace will stand out because it is offering app publishers and developers a way to sell their ad inventory while also giving them accurate data about their audience. Flurry’s audience data is the big draw: the company said it has access to information about 300,000 apps used on over 1 billion devices. Flurry claims to have access to the user habits of 90 percent of all active smartphones and tablets in the world.

The idea is that if publishers understand more about who is using their apps — like parents or college students, for example — and why, they can make better decisions about where to place their ads in real time.

There are other real-time exchanges for mobile app publishers — like MoPub and Nexage, for example — but those still need outside user data to know how to target your ads.

Marketplace is the latest in Flurry’s effort to expand its capabilities to be a one-stop shop for serving app developers and publishers. Late last year it raised a $25 million dollar funding round, and already this year it launched one new product, a free crash reporting tool for app makers.