Podcast: Who’s afraid of podcasts as a business? Not Earwolf

Podcasts are an awesome way to connect your content with audiences, and they are especially good for doing so in an increasingly mobile world — but they aren’t necessarily awesome at generating money.

Slate runs some of the best podcasts in the news business, but during a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” editor David Plotz wrote “[Podcasts] are probably not profitable dollar for dollar directly, but they are so good for our brand that we might do them even if we didn’t make a dollar on them.”

Another guy who is pretty bullish on the power of podcasting is Jeff Ullrich, Co-Founder and CEO of the Earwolf podcast network. Founded in 2010 and self-funded with $30,000, the network claims to have made a real business out of podcasting. According to Ullrich, the company generated more than $1 million in revenues last year with 70 percent of that coming from advertising.

We thought Ullrich’s DIY approach to building a budding content empire was a nice complement to our upcoming paidContent LIVE conference (April 17 in New York City), which is all about how technology is changing the media business. So we sat down with him for our own podcast:

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