LinkedIn updates its Recruiter page, showing where the company is putting its focus

LinkedIn(s lnkd) gave its Recruiter page on update on Wednesday, overhauling the look and some of the features on the portal for companies looking to find employees on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Recruiter page updateThe Recruiter page, which provides a tour of the new features on its homepage, will let recruiters manage notifications and messages, set to-do items, customize the feed and mark employees they’re interested in, get suggestions on people they might want to hire, track how many people are applying for listed positions, and save searches and history from the main search bar. The company explained the full set of new features and updates in a blog post Wednesday.

In February, LinkedIn posted exceptionally strong fourth quarter earnings, exceeding analyst expectations and reporting revenue that was 81 percent higher than that of the same quarter for 2011. And 53 percent of that fourth quarter revenue came from the “Talent Solutions” portion of the company, amounting to $161 million, or a 90 percent increase over Q4 2011.

LinkedIn has performed relatively well compared to its public social peers like Facebook, as companies are very willing to invest money in hiring, and LinkedIn is increasingly becoming the platform where people both list and apply for jobs. As others have noted, the company has built a strong business around gathering and distributing resumes and employment information to companies who want that data. The company just hit 200 million registered members in January.