Netflix users watched more than four billion hours of video in Q1

Looks as if House of Cards is starting to have an impact: Netflix (s NFLX) members watched more than four billion hours of video during the first three months of 2013, according to the company’s CEO Reed Hastings, who took to Facebook to publish the milestone Thursday. Here’s Hastings’ post in its entirety:

“House of Cards fav quote: ‘look at the bigger picture.’ Over the last three months, you all watched over 4 billion hours on Netflix. Next up, some real monsters from Eli Roth…”

Hastings has in the past occasionally taken to Facebook (S FB)  to reveal milestones like these. Most recently, he touted more than one billion hours streamed per month last July. However, that post got him in trouble with the S.E.C., with regulators investigating whether the CEO of a public company can release data like this on Facebook. In the end, the S.E.C. gave in, clearing the path for Hastings to drop further milestones on the social network.