YouTube just got support for multiple admins per channel

Content creators don’t need to share the password to their YouTube (S GOOG) channel anymore to allow multiple team members to upload videos: The site just enabled a multi-account feature as part of its integration with Google+ that can be used to give up to 50 people admin access to a YouTube channel. Google+ users can also become admins of multiple channels, making it easier to switch between YouTube channels without signing out and in every single time.

Channel owners simply need to connect their YouTube channel to a new or existing Google+ page, and then add their team members as managers to that page. Detailed instructions can be found in YouTube’s help section.

The new feature was enabled as part of a closer integration with Google+, and is currently in a beta test. It also includes other integration features, including a YouTube tab on a linked Google+ page, and easier sharing from YouTube to Google+, and is part of Google’s larger efforts to bring Google+ integration to all of its products.