Fisker’s landlord says pay rent or get out

The landlord of electric car startup Fisker Automotive has filed a lawsuit this week that alleges that Fisker has to pay its April rent on its property in Anaheim, California or leave the premises. In a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court in Orange County, California (embedded below) on April 10, landlord WWG Canyon Corporate Owner says that Fisker owes it $174K for rent for the month of April.

Row of Fisker Karmas

Row of Fisker Karmas

The landlord says Fisker has 5 days to pay or they’ll be evicted. Fisker entered into the lease on December 10, 2010. According to Reuters Fisker could declare bankruptcy as soon as this week. If Fisker isn’t paying its bills, it certainly looks to be getting closer to filing BK. The company laid off 75 percent of its staff last week and was then served with a class action lawsuit for allegedly failing to give those employees 60 days (the WARN Act).

Fisker’s founders have also been asked to attend a hearing on April 24 in Washington D.C., organized by House Republicans. Fisker drew down on close to $200 million in a government loan from the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program. Fisker also raised $1.2 billion in funds over the company’s five and half year lifetime. Fisker was backed by venture firms Kleiner Perkins (Ray Lane was a board member) and NEA, and worked with now-defunct broker Advanced Equities.

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