Hope you’re ready developers, the Pebble smartwatch SDK is here

After a delay, the software development kit (SDK) for the Pebble smartwatch is now live. On Friday, the watch maker publicly released the SDK and documentation, which was originally scheduled for when the watches started shipping. This means that owners of the Pebble watch — one of the hottest KickStarter projects in 2012 with more than 68,000 backers — can soon look forward to applications for their timepiece.

In case you’re not familiar with the Pebble, here’s a quick description from the SDK page:’

“Pebble is a customizable, Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch that connects to iPhone and Android smartphones. It features a 144×168 1-bit display, a 3-axis accelerometer and a Cortex-M3 ARM microprocessor. Pebble can be customized by installing new apps developed with its Software Development Kit. The SDK allows developers of all experience levels to build Pebble-enabled applications using a number of popular programming languages and technologies.”

Developers should be able to tap into the Pebble accelerometer for their apps while also taking advantage of the sensors and data on a paired iPhone(s aapl) or Android (s goog) device. For now, the SDK appears to support custom watch faces but will be expanded for functional applications.

RunKeeper was previously reported to be one of the first applications to work with the unique smartwatch, perhaps allowing for runners to glance at their wrist for pace, time and distance information, for example. So let’s go developers: It’s time for some Pebble watch faces!

Update: This post was updated at 3:02 pm to specify the SDK is only for watch faces at the moment.