Android on track for 1B total activations later this year, Google chairman says

As of today, there are now 1.5 million Android devices being activated every day, Google(s GOOG) Chairman Eric Schmidt said Tuesday. That’s led to more than 750 million Android phones currently in use. But he said the current rate of signups and phones being sold means Android devices in use “will cross 1 billion in six to nine months,” Schmidt said at the Dive into Mobile conference.

“Android is by far the primary vehicle by which people are going to see smartphones,” he said. It’s clear that while Android is growing, its rate of growth is plateauing a bit: Android activations were at 1.3 million per day back in September 2012.

Schmidt didn’t share a lot more news about the current state of Android, but he did warn people to not assume too much about the future with Sundar Pichai’s promotion to lead the Android group in addition to the Chrome business. He suggested the Android OS and the Chrome OS won’t be merging: “Don’t confuse organization design and product design,” he said.

He’s also a big fan of creativity with Android. Regarding Facebook Home, which is a launcher that morphs the standard Android home screen, he said, “I think it’s fantastic. This is what open source is about.”

He tried to dispel the notion that Facebook is threatening Android on its own platform, but he maintained that Facebook is acting properly. “They read the manual, they read the rules and they adhered to them. Shocking.”