Amazon S3 goes exponential, now stores 2 trillion objects

It took six years for Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service, or S3, to grow to storing 1 trillion objects in June 2012. In a blog post on Thursday, however — less than a year later — the company announced the service is now housing more than 2 trillion objects.

I’m not certain what this exponential growth means. It probably means a lot of people are using Amazon Web Services. It probably means they’re building a lot of next-generation applications storing a whole lot of photos and other things (I’m thinking of PinterestInstagram, Dropbox, you name it). It probably also means big data is for real in the cloud, as Amazon S3 is the default storage system for AWS’s Elastic MapReduce Hadoop service.

Whatever it means, though, 2 trillion is a lot of anything and probably means Jeff Bezos was right to spend so much time talking AWS in discussing the company’s annual report. At an estimated $2 billion or so in revenue and storing probably a not insignificant amount of data for so many fast-growing web services, AWS looks to be around for the long haul.

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