Your stuff, your way. No matter where you are

You’ve got work to do. And when you want to be productive, you shouldn’t be limited by restrictions such as time and place. Enter Cubby by LogMeIn — the easiest way to sync and share your stuff digitally.

Flexibility for your stuff
Most cloud solutions force you to conform to their storage rules. Not Cubby. You can sync your files and folders as you have them on your computer, so everything is stored where you like it. And DirectSync™ lets you sync unlimited files across your own computers without using precious cloud space. Want even more flexibility? You can share your files publicly but restrict others’ ability to edit, privately for easy collaboration with coworkers, or add password protection for extra security with Cubby Locks.

Freedom for you
Not only can you store your stuff your way, you can access it your way, too. Connect to your folders from anywhere with the mobile app or directly from, and manage everything from the desktop app. And unlimited versioning lets you download an older version of your files from the archives, just in case you want to refer back or decided you didn’t like an update.

Work your way with Cubby, and leave limitations behind.