Podcast: More media, more problems and more music on Twitter

NOTE: This week’s episode of the GigaOM Weekly News Wrap-Up was recorded on the morning of Thursday, April 18, prior to the heavy police activity that followed later that night.

On this week’s show, we look at the media landscape in the aftermath of the Boston terror attack. How does social media help — or hurt — following a news event? Then we dive even further into the media waters with the big takeaways from our paidContent Live conference and wrap up with the news of Twitter’s new music app.

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HOSTS: Chris Albrecht and Tom Krazit
GUEST: Mathew Ingram

What were the roles of social media and big data in the Boston Marathon bombing this week?

The big debate over branded content and other takeaways from paidContent Live.

Will Twitter’s new #Music app sound sweet?


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