Vubooo’s take on the second screen: Less talk, more gooooooals

Ever found yourself at the edge of your seat during a soccer game, ready to yell at the TV at a moment’s notice? Then you might be a prime candidate for Vubooo, a new second-screen app that specifically targets soccer fans. Vubooo’s app has been available on Google (S GOOG) Play for some time, but its new iOS app(s AAPL) just found its way to the App Store Monday, in time for this week’s UEFA Champions League semifinal matches.

vubooo screenshotHere’s what’s interesting about Vubooo: It does away with a lot of the notions of second-screen apps, and tries to reinvent the whole experience for soccer fans. You won’t get any badges for tuning into a game, the app won’t distract you with any trivia content while the game is going on, and there definitely won’t be any long-winded discussions about the happenings on the field.

Instead, fans have a chance to predict the outcome of a game, and then simply cheer and boo as the action unfolds on the field. A few simple buttons also allow users to demand players be carded, spot offside violations and do a whole lot of virtual shouting. All of that action gets documented on a timeline that progresses as the game unfolds, giving users a chance to later on go back and see what exactly happened in that fateful 67th minute.

I have to admit that, despite my German heritage, I’m only a soccer fan every four years (there’s nothing just like the World Cup). And even then, I might just leave the second screen in my pocket and instead follow the action without any distraction. However, Vubooo does deserve some credit for a new take on second-screen interaction. Also, the folks over on Google Play seem to love the app, so the Israel-based startup may just be onto something.