PARC, MEF & Computer History Museum celebrating Ethernets’ 40th

Wednesday May 22 promises an exciting day of presentations and discussion with top network industry visionaries and pioneers including an opening keynote from Bob Metcalfe on Ethernets invention and early history. This is followed by discussions on what we can learn from the innovation process which conceived Ethernet, led by PARCs CEO Steve Hoover. The afternoon begins with sessions on the status of Ethernet today both in enterprise networking and carrier networks featuring senior execs from the leading players and concludes with predictions on the future of networking from leading industry visionaries.

A charity gala dinner featuring the “Innovation Awards” in aid of the STEM initiative takes place during the evening.

Tickets are available to attend the conference and evening gala dinner. Employees or alumni’s of PARC and members of the MEF and Computer History Museum receive preferential conference rates. For more information and to register visit: