SRCH2 is rethinking enterprise search for the instant age

An Irvine, Calif.-based startup called SRCH2 launched on Tuesday with the promise of delivering better, faster and more accurate instant enterprise search results. For anyone who has come to take instant search for granted and forgotten what it is, it’s the feature search engines have that predicts your queries and the answers to them while you type. It’s a seemingly small thing that SRCH2 claims can make a big difference to the companies that use its search engine.

The company has set its target squarely on Lucene-based search engines — claiming a 31x performance improvement over the Apache version of that technology — and claims to work as well or better than Google, too. Although it can handle internal, non-public-facing search within a company’s data sets, it seems the primary use case for SRCH2 might be online in search bars that now exist on nearly every web page. The company actually offers demos of the search engine in action on its website, including over data from popular developer-information site StackOverflow.

Searching StackOverflow data.

Searching StackOverflow data.

SRCH2 was founded by Dev Bhatia and Chen Li, a University of California, Irvine, professor and former visiting research scientist at Google. The company has also raised a seed round of undisclosed value from a number of investors, including Data Collective, TenOneTen Ventures (Gil Elbaz’s new firm) and numerous data-industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Feature image courtesy of Shutterstock user Gunnar Pippel.