raises $325K to plug web services into financial visualizations

Paris-based, which will soon reveal its financial analytics app for small businesses, has picked up $325,000 in seed financing ahead of the launch. The app, which is due to be “launched” on Thursday ahead of availability next month, plugs into accounts for the likes of Paypal(s ebay), Github, Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, Google(s goog) AdWords and even mobile phone operators, so that the user can get an overview and analysis of their total spending. is pitching itself as “ intu) meets IFTTT” and — as the list of services that can be plugged into the app attests — it’s very much targeting tech startups at this early stage.

Sushio services
Here’s how co-founder Thomas Guillaumin explained the focus of the app to me:

“The problem is collecting all these services and having a top down view of your finances – how much cash you have, what’s your burn rate… that can really help you run a business better.”

Another indicator of’s tech startup focus is the fact that it’s launching with an OS X(s aapl) desktop app first. But, as Guillaumin told me, versions for other desktop and mobile platforms will be out by the end of the year.

The investors in this seed round include Kima Ventures, Jacques-Antoine Granjon (the founder of online flash sale pioneer Vente-privee), the 50 Partners accelerator and Mediastay co-founder Jonathan Zisermann. According to Guillaumin, the cash will be used for the launch and also to hire three more staff members, taking the total (including founders) to five.

Guillaumin said the service will operate on a freemium model, with the paid subscription kicking in depending on the number of services you want to add. This will cost between £30-£50 ($46-$76) a month – cheaper than paying a CFO, certainly. Right now the company is hawking its wares in the European startup hubs of Paris, London and Berlin, but in June it intends to push into the U.S., too.

That said, Guillaumin sounds quite wary about the American market due to potential competitors there – namely the Geckoboard-Zapier partnership and even IFTTT itself, on the chance that IFTTT integrates an analytics dashboard at some point.

He added that, once it’s gotten off the ground, may develop into a more fully-fledged business intelligence product that adds more KPIs (key performance indicators) to its current financial focus.