Twitter partners with Fuse and Trident to produce cross-platform music TV show

Twitter is partnering with the gum company Trident and the music television network Fuse to create Trending 10, an entertainment show about popular music that will air both on television and online, using Twitter’s data about music and social conversations about artists to power the content. The companies stated that it will be the first TV show “sourced and produced from real-time Twitter conversation spikes.”

The companies announced the collaboration on Wednesday, and it marks yet another example highlighting several trends we’ve seen from Twitter recently: a clear indication that the company is becoming a media entity, a strong interest in working with television companies, and a commitment to the strong interest in music that already exists on the platform.

“Through this partnership with Twitter, Fuse and Trident will enjoy elevated access to Twitter data surrounding the music conversation happening in real time,” Joel Lunenfeld, vice president of brand strategy at Twitter stated for the press release on the announcement.

Trending 10 will be a show that highlights the ten most popular music entertainment stories of the day, and it will air both live on television and in segments online that can be shared via social media.

Twitter has forged a number of television partnerships recently, including ones with the BBC, Comedy Central, and Turner Broadcast around March Madness. There were also reports that the company is looking to do deals with Viacom and NBC. As with this deal around the Trending 10 show, working with television networks could give advertisers the opportunity to cross-promote on both the live broadcast and corresponding social conversations.

And now that Twitter has rolled out its official #Music app, the Trending 10 show demonstrates how much money the company can make around music and entertainment. Twitter confirmed that the content on Trending 10 will come from the social conversations happening on the platform around music, which also power the content on the #Music app. Music artists are some of the most popular figures on Twitter, so building out advertising and promotion opportunities around those artists and Twitter makes sense.